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Tired of being told your FREEDOM TO CHOOSE what's best for you and your family belongs to anyone-and-everyone other than you? Looking for a Community that still believes in Medical Freedom instead of COVID-19 Mandates? A place free from the CONSTANT censorship and so-called "Fact Checkers" who tell you what to discuss and what to think too?

Then join other Americans like you here at Jobs Not Jabs TRUTH SERUM and let’s unite in one voice to let Local, State, and Federal Governments as well as Corporate America know how we feel about the unconstitutional COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates. Then, visit Jobs Not Jabs CAREERS to explore new career paths if you or a loved one have been negatively and unexpectedly impacted by these new illegal policies.

Together, we can make a difference, and we will, as we strive to KEEP AMERICA WORKING while also PRESERVING INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS.

We're truly "of the people, by the people, for the people" and have designed this digital space to serve as a place where average Americans can find a like-minded community, helpful info, and resources pertaining to the COVID-19 Mandates and the movement to stop them. In short, we want this to be a virtual refuge where people can connect with one another, share their experiences and stories, and offer each other encouragement and support.

Though these Mandates are being used politically, this is is not about politics. Though these Mandates are being used medically, this is not about healthcare. This is not really about who's "right" or "wrong" about the vaccines either. This is about YOUR RIGHT TO MAKE YOUR OWN MEDICAL DECISIONS without the fear of losing your civil liberties; without the fear of losing your job.

This is about We The People exercising our rights and having a say about what goes into our bodies without it affecting our livelihood and ability to support ourselves and our loved ones. It should always be an individual choice if and when a person decides to get a COVID Vaccine, not their employer’s, and certainly not the government’s.

Thanks for being here! Please spread the word and invite your family, friends, coworkers and neighbors! Help to start a movement to promote and support Businesses and Professionals who still believe in Medical Freedom instead of COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates.

Stay connected.

Stay informed.

Let's keep America free!

Let's keep America working!




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